From Apex Legends Wiki. ", Mirage: "Oh this is just great… mom's gonna love this. ", "Woo! This Legend can be unlocked by using digital currency; pay 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins (~$9.99). 'Cause—well—I mean you don't have any, clearly. ", "Ah, boy, this... was rough for you. ", Y'know, I didn't get here alone. Cryptage is the slash ship between Crypto and Mirage from the Apex Legends fandom. Tom Casiello estimates he has around 20 different nationalities mixed in. A Funko Pop of Mirage released on November 2019. ", "Listen up, stopping the train for a moment. Last just guy just kinda… Ya know, dropped. ", "We got a new kill leader. Status This was especially apparent at launch when cloaking rendered Mirage as a faint white silhouette rather than making him completely invisible. [Wait a minute, no that's, that's smelly...] Your bell got rung? I am so exa-exasteps, extat… whatever, I'm great. Blackish ", "Check it out - Care Package coming in. ", "Alright, look at this! I mean you learn something new every time! Direct a decoy in one direction and then run in a straight line in a different direction or start controlling it. ", "Well, they didn't capture the train, but they're the only ones left, so I guess that's one way to do it. Caustic and Mirage must be purchased for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legends Tokens in order to use it. ", "Quite the predemis--! Just remember that I saved your life and you owe me for all eternity. Oh, man, that was amazing. Never know what we'll be picking up. During this time, his holo emitters will be visible to players who are less than 5 meters away. ", "Guys, look at this! As a competitor in the Apex Games, his moniker is "Holographic Trickster". ", "Wasn't the thrill of victory in itself, really? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mirage is the kind of guy who likes to stand out. Male Mirage is the kind of guy who likes to stand out. She was in the facility one day when a … ", "Making a pit stop. ", "Awe man, we lost one - now I have to do extra work. Roger Craig Smith. ]", "Ding-ding-ding, you got dung! Most related LIVE informational pages . ", "I'm good, but there's two of me. ", "45 seconds until the Ring closes. Mirage's name is not due to Apex Legends legend Mirage, he already used this name before 2018. No abilities, folks.”, "Wow. Well-- 'cause you don't have any, I mean clearly. You know, I mean, a bad guy's being revived. Apex Legends Wiki “I don’t concern myself with the ambitions of insects.” Before there was Caustic, a scientist named Alexander Nox worked at Humbert Labs, the Frontier’s leading manufacturer of pesticide gases. Explore a growing roster of diverse characters and experience intense tactical squad play in a bold, new evolution of battle royale." Players can unlock Mirage with 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins ($9.99 USD). Jung-min "Mirage" Bae is a Korean player that recently played for RunAway. Wow, this got dark fast. Miraith is the het ship between Mirage and Wraith from the Apex Legends fandom. Hell, I don't even have to show up! That’s just the way it goes.”, “The heart of victory is in the squad... see, I can say something nice.”, ”This is like a dream, but I think i’m even better in reality.”, ”This is such an honor, I’ll tell you about it sometime.”, ”You want advice? Fixed an issue with the decoys not making footstep sounds. With a glut of pesticides needed to protect the growing Frontier colonies’ crops, Humbert Labs was constantly on the hunt for better and stronger formulas. That's a train. ", "The match is almost over. ", "If you ask me, you weren't... half bad. Have decoys stand in front of death boxes or front of windows with a sniper rifle since these are the most natural places for a player to stand completely still. "Bam, there goes a boozle. "Geyser there. Yeah I said it. Home: Solace. ", "Pay attention, gang. Age: 30. ", "A whole minute left, and the Ring's right there? First blood. At least the ring's close. As a renowned daredevil and competitor in theApex Games, his moniker is "The Adrenaline Junkie". When used, a hologram duplicate of Mirage is sent in a straight line to wherever the real Mirage targeted. ", "I didn't get here alone. Now is some of you don't know what Apex Legends is but know what Titanfall is then you kinda know! What? ", "Alright, this is how it goes. But not this time! ", "Got an enemy Black Market over here. Or both eyes closed! You know, we should all go out for pork chops. The youngest of four brothers, he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. Ultimate Skill: Vanishing Act. ", "Bam to the woozle. Yep! "Alright, either you're with me or you're against me, or you're with me and against me, cause I'll be honest, that happens sometimes. I wouldn't know what that's like. Ah, next time maybe. Game She also began hearing a distant voice whispering in her mind that would keep her awake for days on end, nearly driving her insane. Huh? As a rogueMk. Because we're moving. I hate when that happens. „ ~ Mirage: Summary. When spawned, the decoy will replicate whether Mirage was walking, running, or crouching, and if used in midair will have the same momentum as Mirage. Le titre est développé par Respawn Entertainment et édité par Electronic Arts, et est disponible sur PC, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One. This is... one way to make memories. Mmm, oh memories. I know a guy, I'll... tell you the story sometime. La seule chose qu'il a prise au sérieux, c'est la technologie de l'holo-pilote : initié à l'art de l'illusion par sa mère ingénieur, il s'est amouraché de cette technologie et a tout appris de ses mécanismes. Is there anything i’m not good at? I'll make sure you don't die… olllld maaaan. No wonder everyone loves me.". Mirage: Octane . Or something like that. The decoy has 45 HP, and an icon will appear indicating where the enemy that damaged it is. Apex Legends-Wiki Rideaux de Douche en Polyester imperméable et occultant 152 x 183 cm How-to-Unlock-Mirage-and-Caustic-in-Apex-Legends: High-tech Fixed an issue with decoys not being able to crouch walk through certain areas. Mirage's abilities are derived from Titanfall 2's Holo Pilot and Cloak abilities. ", "First blood, which means someone really wants on that train. Alpha Wikis. You're the new Kill Leader and I'm still alive. ", “My bamboozle’s been fool-zled. ", Mirage: "Wait, do i really sound like that? I-- I mean it. ", "Whoa. As a competitor in the Apex Games, his moniker is "Holographic Trickster". Comments (7) Dawn the Dragon "Type of man who likes to stand out" Read more . 0. Mirage goes invisible for 1 second, then summons 6 clones, each angled 60° away from each other from the source. One reason: women. Even when his brothers went MIA during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop holo devices, and the work brought them closer. What can I say? Posługuje się najnowocześniejszą technologią holograficzną, a jego iluzje mogą zmylić najbardziej uważnych rywali. Good Work, everybody. [Dung is poo, wait no...] Your bell got rung! Benjamin d'une fratrie de quatre garçons, il a fait de ses pitreries sa marque de fabrique pour attirer l'attention. ", "No contest, we have our champion. Physical description Now he’s the life of the Apex Games, outwitting opponents and charming audiences across the Frontier. ", "It's a good day to take out some fools and be back in time for dinner! Dominez vos adversaires dans Apex Legends, un jeu de tir Battle Royale Free-to-Play* où des personnages légendaires aux capacités surpuissantes combattent ensemble aux confins de la Frontière pour la gloire et la fortune. Automatically cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates. Come find me. ", "You know, if you ask me, you weren't half bad. I am SO ready for this, I am, "Alright, I'm gonna be honest, I am afraid, I'm really afraid. [Battle Pass] Comment gagner rapidement des niveaux; Octane; Une arme dévastatrice de TitanFall 2 devrait arriver sur Apex Legends [Battle Pass] Saison 1 Wild Frontiers, prix, date et heure; Commentaires récents . ",,,,,,, THE EDGEVOICE STREAMCAST: A Chat with Tom Casiello, I'm running out of ideas. He pored over the mechanisms and learned all he could about them. Sending out a decoy. Bloodhoundis a playableLegendinApex Legends. Video presented by EA GameChangers. Sometimes you're me. Nothin' wrong with lookin' good in the ring. ", "You should've known fighting me is prepeh—pehprehsturus... is dumb. If you're off on your own and suddenly start getting shot from a distance, put a decoy in front of you to instantly show your teammates where to shoot. ", [Alone] "Two Squads left I'm on my own? Finally, his ultimate Life of the Party deploys a team of decoys allowing him to summon moving decoys and escape or flank people unnoticed. ", [by your Squad] "We took out the Champion. Oh, that's a good, yeah that was a good one too. Oh you had your chance. Boogie Down Mirage.png … This ability may be activated twice while skydiving from the dropship or jump towers, and if you are with your squad in flight it will send out a full decoy squad. Who's, who's up for treatin'? ", "I think this place needs a little more... Me! Water will carry our combined weight... right? ", "Turret here. ", "Ding-ding, you got dung! Oh well! Main Wikis. Wait how do I know I'm not a decoy... okay this is dream within a dream stuff. Maybe stop talking to yourself and GO! This Legend can be unlocked by using digital currency; pay 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins (~ $9.99). Of course, more characters will likely become available down the line, but for now players are left with a very important choice. Mirage est un personnage déblocable depuis la boutique d'Apex Legends He seems to be fooling around a lot. ...Right? Next to a rock near the Mirage Voy’age, there is an audio log of Mirage talking with his mother, suggesting Evelyn Witt to have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Template:Infobox legend Mirage is one of the legends in Apex Legends that is locked from the base game. He also turns invisible for 5 seconds, allowing for a quick escape. ", "Kids, the ring's closing in one minute. I took care of it. Yeah it was better in my mind. I need to get out more. Upon reaching the targeted location, the decoy stands still and performs the 'inspect weapon' animation unless the player takes control of it. Good thing my buddies and I aren't afraid of heights. Last just guy just kinda… dropped. What can I say? Am I dead? Decoys now last for 60 seconds. Apex Legends (Game) Eliott Witt, also known by his alias Mirage, is a playable Legend in Apex Legends. Mirage is a Legend that is locked from the base game. ", "Hey, you did good! Oh great, now I'm hungry. Apex Legends est jeu vidéo multijoueur en ligne compétitif de type battle royale prenant place dans l'univers de Titanfall. Subject 61137, Codenamed "Wraith", is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality. Mirage is mixed race. ", [To Rampart] "(Trying intimidating British Accents), "No thanks needed. From Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki < Mirage Élite. MiraGe Gaming was a Korean team. "So I might actually feel bad if you die, so let’s just not do that, OK? Press the utility action button to control the decoy. ", "Thank you for this, I feel MUCH better about myself now. Bamboozles for the fool-zles. Everything You Didn’t Know About Mirage In Apex Legends SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: Look at you! Haha. English and French: topographicnamefor someone who lived near aforgeor smithy, Middle … No that was the scary Halloween voice. So...yeah...anyhoo, I'm just pulling your leg, it's totally for the babes. Mirage is known as a jovial and sarcastic trickster, raised in a family that revolved around playing pranks on his four brothers. You weren't... too bad. Mirage. They say I use humor as a defense mechanism, but hello... self-deprecation is my defense mechanism. Mirage to the rescue… after being rescued..", "Here I come! ", "I'll tell you this much, you did make me break a sweat. Alpha Wikis. Keep your arms and legs inside at all times because this thing is really not insured. Nothing stressful about it at all. Time's almost up! Personal business. You can use this tactic when deciding whether or not to withdraw from a battle with your team should you find yourselves outnumbered. Every Legend in Apex Legends has three abilities; a passive, tactical, and ultimate. Pages modified between June 2016 and September 2017 are adapted from information taken from Check out that math. Mirage to the rescue… after being rescued, thanks for that. Everyone should have one. ", "Tick tock. Eliott Witt, also known by his alias Mirage, is a playable Legend in Apex Legends. ", "Oh yeah! Reminds me of… me. Mirage becomes cloaked for a short time. In addition to cloaking when downed, Mirage also cloaks while using a respawn beacon and reviving a teammate (the teammate is also cloaked). It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 4, 2019, without any prior announcement or marketing. Look at me! Heh. I-I know, I did, I said that…", "Did somebody say doubling? ", "Listen, quitting is for losers and since... you already lost, well there's... really no point in giving up now. Town takeovers come in either Themed or Collection Events. ", "I could win this thing with one eye closed. Talkin' about my mom. Okay, bye! Abilities. As a field paramedic and competitor in theApex Games, her moniker is "Combat Medic." Pages that were modified between April 2014 and June 2016 are adapted from information taken from Don't worry. Why did I become a Legend? Direct your decoys into Perimeter Security or Nox Gas to figure out where the Wattson or Caustic is. Mise à jour 1.1.1 du 16 avril ! ", "Did somebody say doubling? 17. Mirage is now the life of the Apex Games, outwitting opponents and charming audiences across the Outlands. Movement on dirt also causes dust particles when crawling, and can give you away while cloaked. kinda. It'll be fun! His main skill is useful when … You can now hold the tactical button and release it to auto-control decoys. All aboard the Winter Express. 1 Canon 2 Quotes 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Reference Subject 61137, Codenamed "Wraith", is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality. Years ago, she woke up in an IMCDetention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. That means you were half good! ", "I'm proud to have fought with you. Apex Legends has two locked characters that require a purchase: Mirage and Caustic. ", "Someone almost has enough points to win. Protector Y'know you almost had it. ", "Woo! Wait was it me? ", "Attention my lovely people, the train has started moving. I'll be your prerecorded guide with the assistance of the lovely AI announcer. Solace ", "Follow the leader, that’s me. ", "I'm so sorry to make you wait. ", "Don't worry. As good as both of those sounded, he knew he couldn’t risk leaving his mother childless – until she gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. Let me try my Santa voice. ", "Not running away, just checking out over here. The youngest of four brothers, he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. ", "Bamboozles for the fool-zles. Mirage is an Offensive Legend with abilities that let players distract and confuse enemies. Read more . ", "And bam goes the boozle! 33. Apex Legends: Mirage overview, explaining unique abilities and features. to Now You See Me…. ", "You lost this one. Fixed an issue that prevented Mirage decoys from being pinged. You missed me? ..Y'know, whatever the case, we're winnin'. ", "Hey you jumped, you ran, you shot a thing maybe, and then you met me, and... well here we are. ", "I'm so sorry to make you wait, I--I mean to beat you... much faster! ", "Bad guy getting revived, need to re-kill them. Some small rocks or other rough surfaces that your decoy should be able to pass in a way that can easily destroy it. Y'know, it was better in my mind. Archives. Apex Legends: Mirage Gameplay . Pathfinderis a playableLegendinApex Legends. Hey everyone or every Apex fans and welcome to Apex Legends! I MAY have tricked you. ", "I'm good, I'm good. Apex Legends Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Age of Empires Arena of … Oh, man, that was amazing. Jung-min "Mirage" Bae is a Korean player that recently played for RunAway. Boom, check out that math. ", "Ladies and Gentlemen, we got 'em. He is also a very popular Korean streamer on Twitch. Unlike Mirage's previous ultimate ability, Mirage will not turn invisible for long and is still able to attack while using this ability and are more likely to fool enemies as they move in tandem with the player. ", "Ten seconds 'til Ring closes. Changed name from Encore! ", "Hey, at least you didn't lose to the ring. "I don't take myself too seriously. Passive Capability: Encore! Sorry. ", "I did my hair for this! Mirage’s “You got Bamboozled” line will now trigger when you bamboozle an enemy, instead of when you release a decoy. Mirage Élite/Tournament Results. ", "Hostile right here. This is getting intense. ", "Jump Pad here. ", "Pirouette! „Nie biorę siebie zbyt na poważnie. ", "Chop, chop! ", "That looks like a Totem over there. I kid. ", "Already in the next ring, I smell victory, smells like... smells like pork chops? ", "Of all the fights, this was a pret—predesc—a parduh... pr-predicular—it was a really good one, is what I'm trying to say. 1 Canon 2 Quotes 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Trivia Mirage and Crypto met at the beginning of Season 3, where Crypto was the new legend. The one thing he took seriously was Holo-Pilot technology: introduced to the illusion-creating tech by his engineer mother, he poured over the mechanisms and learned all he could about them. Well, me and all my other me's", "Well, well, well. I mean the suns out, it's a nice day, y' know... just trying to be hopeful. When a new town takeover is about to be added, red flags can be seen around the location where it will be placed.